Tools for Text (string)

Convert to Lower Case

Transform text from CAPITAL letters to small letters.

Convert to Upper Case

Transform text from small letters to CAPITAL letters.

Convert to Capitalize

Transform text having first letter as capital in each word.

Encode in Base64

Encodes text in Base64 format.

Decode from Base64

Decodes base64 encrypted text to normal text.

Encode URI (URL)

Encodes an URI/URL by replacing characters by escape sequences representing the UTF-8 encoding of the character.

Decode URI (URL)

Decodes URI (URL) from escape sequence characters to original characters.

Tools for Json

Minify Json

Compress Json by removing all extra spaces and new line characters from json to transform into small in size.

Converts Json to XML

Transform Json into XML format

Converts Json to CSV

Simple tool to transform Json into CSV format. Use JsonPath to select child elements in Json.

Tools for Colors


Paste your value in any of the box and convert that into other code types. e.g. HEX to RGB/RGBA, RGB/RGBA to HEX, RGB to CMYK, RGB to HLS. Click on heart to remember the color on your brower.

Generate CSS Gradient